:’33 < miss you guys! ill get back up and updating as soon as i pawssibly can!!!

:’33 < miss you guys! ill get back up and updating as soon as i pawssibly can!!!

:33 < *ac f33ls like leaking a little purreview on whats to come!*

:33 < purrhaps you can guess what the second fanservice is? h33 h33!!!

(( what would one have to do to befriend the mod? o.o idk if I asked this before, I think I might've ))


(( oh gosh befriend me? i’m just a huge dweeb?????

but yeah, it doesn’t take much to befriend me! i mean, if you ever asked the mods of other blogs i’ve talked to, i really just act like an overexcited dork when someone talks to me uwu

say hi! tell me about things!! i’m honestly cool if you ever wanna message me off anon and start up a private conversation, or even drop by on my main or my art blog(´⌣`ʃƪ)❤ ))

:33 < *ac chuckles and pawlitely addresses all these new frickly-frackly-blogs*

:33c < boy do i have some news for you 

:33 < what better way to begin an event fur my fabulous followers than with a gratuitous booty shot? s33ms like a whole bunch of you guys wanted it, along with some sort of tribute to that human nicki minaj 

:33 < *ac purrs d33ply, then reminds efurryone that there are two more fan-services yet to come!*

:DD < i hope you all enjoyed this one!

(( ALSO to those of you wondering where the heckie the fanservices i promised are— i am but a humble egg in my junior year, i have very little time to sleep let alone draw

but i’m working on them bit by bit, so don’t worry, they’ll get posted! please pardon the long time delay :3c ))



((!(◎◇◎) ))



((!(◎◇◎) ))

Also, to celebrate, can we see a stream, or you could play an online game with some followers :D

(( boy, would i love to hold a stream for you all; i would have sooner if i could!! but sadly my computer and i are not very compatible with streaming tech, pretty much to every extent :’3

i’ve tried setting a livestream up a couple of times in the past, but my computer is too slow, too old, and honestly, it just hasn’t worked out whenever i’ve tried it. 

if i ever get a tech-savvy friend who can fix me up in a jiffy, i’ll definitely hold a stream, but for now, i’m sorry to say that for now it’s only a fantasy umu ))



(( if you’re wondering what that sound is, it’s me struggling to inhale oxygen because holy cannoli



this is going to be just a simple, short little event, a one-time thing to say thanks to everyone who’s following and interacting with me! because there are a load of you goodness gracious where did you come from

SO! the gist of this is that you get to send in some fan-service ideas! whatever you want to see, i’ll try and make that wish come true! here’s how it’s going down! :0

  • i’ll be picking three and illustrating them; two will be standard single pictures, and one will be a short little comic. which ones end up chosen depends on the ideas themselves; i’ll try and pick some that are sure to be fun and interesting ;o
  • send in an ask of what you’d like to see! it can be a canon-parallel situation, an au adaptation, any variation or idea you could think of! most anything goes, really, with some minor exceptions.
  • shipping’s not super important in this, only because so many of you ship so many different things. if a ship becomes extraordinarily popular as a suggestion, however, i’ll probably consider it!
  • no explicitly nsfw ideas, please!!! i’m trying to keep it pg13 up in here, so lay off the super-duper sexytime tidday stuff. suggestive ideas, however, will probably be alright. this is a fan-service, after all!
  • and lastly, please do not bombard me with the same idea more than once; maybe other people want to see the same thing as you, and they’ll send in an ask as well! 

finally, thank you all so so so much!!! i enjoy running this blog so much, and getting to interact with other askblogs and make people happy with these answers gives me so much joy :’3c

love each and every one of you!!! <3, d ))

(( please keep on sending in these neat-o ideas, friends!!! ))

(( last chance!!! ))

:33 < it’s defurnately on my to-do list!!!