they have a long, complicated hispurry togefur, i have no idea what their status is now ://

(( so so sorry i haven’t posted anything, the ask i’m working on is giving me ageda and is taking longer than expected 3: i’m trying to bang one quick one out right now instead of dilly-dallying though so hopefully this will work

should i strech out the event a bit longer to compensate for lost time? maybe take some quickie-doodle asks for The Huntress?

\also, gonna post some ref sheets when this is all over, so you can see people who i might not get to introduce uwu\

obligatory question marks, d <3 ?? ))

;33 < h33 h33!

we met back up a while ago, and ever since hes gotten ofur his allergies, weve been supurr close!

im also really really great furiends with terezi and fefurry, but i dont hang out with them as often as i do with tafuros :33 

im laughin g that was not what i expeCTED BUT IM PERFECLTy OK WITH IT YAS

(( just as planned ))

not that anyone ifilling my flushed quadrant, im just letting you all know it would never be that guy— those f33lings faded a long, long time ago

i hope this makes my stance on the eminence purrfectly clear

(( oh did i mention i’m gonna be messing with ship combos for beforus??? yeah that’s a thing i’m doing— prepare to see some quadrant-flips and slightly-new-sometimes-very-new ships!! :O ))

we remain great furiends now that ive b33n s33ing him more around the area! he even has an official moirail that really really n33ds him; its nice knowing that more peopawl i care about are empurracing the idea of quadrants

the engineer is a great purrson, hes come a long way since when we were younger :33

@askfeferiandvriska said: ((i LOVE UR DESIGNS OMFG ;0;; beforus fef giving me the fave character pains <3))


//ps feffy is definitly my top fave redesign totes out of everyone ))

i have other tasks and jobs as well, but they are often assigned at random by fefurry when she n33ds help with things— and of course i still continue to purrowl the forests nearest to me; i would never give up hunting fur a cushy palace job :pp 

it is purretty nice getting to s33 some of my old furiends again though!